Weston Florida Gym, Fitness Center & Personal Trainer Review

Weston Florida is a hotbed of fitness activity.  Everything is available from large health clubs, group fitness class centers like crossfit and orange theory to everything in between.  They all have advantages and disadvantages.  Some are really crowded which makes for a really uncomfortable and inconvenient environment. Trying to get a piece of equipment or rush to get to a class only to be rejected…not cool. Yet, some people dig it? And others don’t.

So what’s the best fitness place for you?

Well no one can tell you…only you can decide that. You know you better than anyone.  Don’t you agree?

Of course you do!

So let’s figure this out together.

1. What is your goal?  Is your goal to take a certain class or use a special piece of equipment? More than likely, that is not your goal.  Most people want to lose fat or gain muscle and just feel really good about the way they look and feel.

2. Let’s step inside the common sense corner.  If you look at people who have achieved lasting results, what does it take to get your best body and keep it?  Hmmmm….well, I think we can both agree it is not a crash diet, it does not include drugs and if you can’t live it then whatever results you do achieve will be temporary and meaningless.

So what is required to create long-term, lasting body transformation? 

1. A Strategic Workout Program.  Randomly going into a gym or taking classes produces random results. We all know that. We need a plan.

2. An Effective Eating Plan.  This is the most challenging of them all.  They say 20% of your results come from the gym and 80% come from the kitchen. (At least that’s what I saw on one of those Facebook pictures 🙂

3. Accountability and Coaching.  Let’s be honest, achieving anything worthwhile is hard as heck!  And changing habits, even small ones is challenging.  So we all need a coach and someone to hold us accountable.   If you are serious about changing your body and making the most out of your life then this is a must.  So this is not negotiable…none of these three are in fact. If any of these (strategic workout plan, effective eating plan, or accountability and coaching) is missing then your results will be limited at best.

So the question is, where can you get all three essential components?

In South Florida, there is only one option that provides highly skilled fitness professionals, a proven track record for results, a complete nutritional program led by a licensed nutritionist/registered dietitian and even a meal delivery service…and a few more surprises.  Click Here Now!

Weston’s Best Personal Trainers and Fitness Classes Now For Less!

Weston, FL – BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center now offers a New Client Special.  If you have been hesitant on giving BB3 a try now is the time to go for it.  The 21 Day Rapid Fire Quick Start is the best way to create unstoppable momentum and amplify your fitness and fat burning results.

A lot of people think BB3 is “hardcore” and that is correct in a way.  BB3 is not for people who go to the gym to make friends and pick up a date.  BB3 is geared to inspire and coach you to achieve your fitness goals…fast, safe and in a fun way!   It’s no wonder professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs and many other celebrities trust BB3 not only with their goals but with their families and friends as well.  BB3 Delivers Results from everyone from kids to teenagers to moms and dad and their grandparents.

But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself and with this New Client Special you have no excuses not to!

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Weston Florida’s Best Personal Training Center Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary and You Are Invited!

From the Desk of Billy Beck III, 2-time MET-Rx World’s Best Personal Trainer, Personal Trainer of the Year and Owner of BB3 Personal Training Center

Hello BB3 Client and Future Clients,

I am writing this letter really early in the morning because I couldn’t wait to tell you about our 5 Year Anniversary Celebration! Man, time flies by!

Before I tell you more about the celebration I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I cannot express how much it means to have loyal, amazing people like you. Your support is why we are still here.
To show you how grateful I am, we are dedicating a weeklong celebration to you!
I am including two flyers with more information. (One will just make you laugh. ?)
If you want the cliff notes version, here it is:
When is it: Monday, October 10-Saturday, October 15th!
What is happening?
• NEW Metabolic Conditioning Group Training Classes.
• Win Big Prizes like a weekend stay at the Harbor Beach Marriot & the Westin Diplomat. That’s on Saturday! It’s a raffle!
• Huge Savings on Personal Training Packages (Saturday Only)
• $100 for every person you refer that signs up for a PT package.
• Massive Discounts on all BB3 Supplements and Stacks
• Free Food, Power Shakes, and more!

The Best Thing of All:
On Saturday at 8:30am, we are holding our first ever BB3 Family Adventure Race! Anyone can do it (ages 10 & up) and the sense of exhilaration you feel afterward is priceless! We even have a mini-adventure obstacle course for kids under 10. So bring the entire family!

What better than the Best Thing of All? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are teaming up with Think Pink Rocks to raise funds. All of our NEW classes and activities are donation based. Just come in and make a donation. $1, $10, $100…whatever you give will be going to a great cause.

Bring All of Your Friends and Family Members! You Will Have a BLAST! 🙂

And The 1st Annual BB3 Family Adventure Race!

Get Even More Information by Clicking Here or Call 954-424-8584

Weston Personal Trainers Review – South Florida

BB3 Personal Training Center owned and operated by 2x MET-Rx Worlds Best Personal Trainer Billy Beck III located in Weston, South Florida. Listen in to hear what people have to say about BB3.






BB3 Weston Florida Personal Training Success

Billy Beck III Personal Training & Performance Center located in Weston, South Florida is unlike any other gym or personal training studio on the planet. Watch the video of BB3 Founder and 2-time MET-Rx World’s Best Personal Trainer Billy Beck III as he tells you what this place is all about.

Clients come from local areas like Weston, Davie, Sunrise, Plantation, Southwest Ranches, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami and many even come in from other parts of the country to have consultations with Billy and the other personal trainers.   Whether your goal is to lose weight, belly fat, get a six pack or put on muscle and strength this is your place.  To get more information on personal training call 954-424-8584 or visit the website by clicking here

You can also get the scoop on Billy Beck III and gets tons of free nutrition, training and supplements information at his personal website. Click here

Billy Beck III – Nutrition Cycling or Carb Shifting Diet

Weston South Florida Personal Trainer Billy Beck III, owner of BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center and two-time World’s Best Personal Trainer contest champion, shares with you his highly effective approach (the anti diet)  to burning fat, losing weight, building muscle, increasing energy, detoxing the body and increasing sports performance through the right nutrition.

Before you go to a Weston diet center, sign up at a Weston gym, take a Weston crossfit class, Weston bootcamp or hire Weston personal trainers you must have the right nutrition plan to go with it.  Check out this video to get on the right track!

There are a lot of gimmicks out in the fitness, weight loss and diet industry so be sure to educate yourself with the best information.

Some sites I recommend are:

Super Trainer Bryan Francis’s StupidGymShit site! It’s funny and informative.

Super Trainer Michelle Valladares Diaz’s site and blog too.

and also BillyBeck.com and his peak performance coaching site called Live Greatly

Stay Focused!

EAT TO BE FIT: The Healthy Cooking Program

Eat to be fit with Michelle Marie Diaz.

Come join Michelle at the top personal training facility in the country for 4 consecutive Wednesdays at 12:00.  We are located in Weston, Florida and house the top personal trainers world.  Michelle is a Master celebrity trainer and author of “Eat to be Fit” and “Vow to be Fit”.

In these class you will to learn to cook a variety of healthy meals that are quick/easy to make, and taste delicious.

Learn strategies to making healthy food taste great.

Get tips to help you plan, prepare, and cook your meals even if you think you didn’t have time.

Get tons of healthy recipes and taste all the meals!

For more information Click Here!

Superman and Superwoman Challenge!

Our Weston Personal Training Center is owned and operated by Billy Beck III and an elite team of physical fitness trainers. They possess specialties in achieving weight loss, building muscle and strength as well as improving sports performance (Billy has trained dozens of professional athletes including NFL greats Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas as well as LA Dodgers superstar Manny Ramirez). Offering a variety of tactics to get RESULTS – from Biosignature Modulation to Metabolic Testing to Crossfit style bootcamps to cooking classes and even Boxing and kickboxing classes in a professional boxing ring. Go here if you are ready to make it happen RESULTS NOW

Inspiring the World to Live Greatly – Billy Beck III

Failure is NOT an option