What others think of Billy Beck III Personal Training & Fitness Center in Weston, Florida

In the opening scenes of the movie A League of Their Own, the crotchety talent scout, skillfully played by Jon Lovitz, solicits a baseball prodigy, played by Geena Davis, if she wants to play pro ball? When she refuses, lil’sis pipes up, “hey, I’ll go.” To wit, Lovitz turns to the sister: “listen, I know […]

Gold Gloves Champion Trains at Billy Beck III Personal Training & Performance Center

Weston, Florida – Clive Lowe who was featured on the front page of the Sun-Sentinel, is now teaching clients of all levels how to throw down like a pro while getting into great shape and burning fat. Lowe was introduced to Billy Beck III by his manager Adam Meyer. Beck began training Lowe for an […]