SPRINT WORKOUTS that Burn Fat Fast – Ditch the Gym

Everyone wants to burn fat yet I look at people in health clubs and see people bored out of their minds or gossiping to their neighbor or reading a magazine while they are working out?!?!?!

This is not working out.


If you can read a magazine while you’re working out then you’re not working out.

The most effective training is challenging and energizing!

Today I am going to share with you 3 fat burning workout to burn fat that you can do anywhere. I chose three separate locations in Broward County and just minutes from Weston, Florida.

Get out of the gym and enjoy the outdoors and GET RESULTS FASTER!!!

Choose one of the various plan dependant on location:

1. Stinky Hill aka Vista View Park:
• Warm-up with 4 sprints at 60%
• HILL SPRINTS: 10 sets of 100 yards…FAST Walk down hill and then hit it again.
• Finish with 5 sets of 50 yards (half hills)
• Jog to cool down

2. Pine Island Park in tree area behind swimming pool:
• Jog one lap
• Sprint Straight away by pool hit 2 pull-ups sprint to push-up station hit 10 reps then walk. Repeat 5 times
• Then Jog turns and sprint straight ways for 3 laps.
• Walk to cool down

3. Track: Western High School in Davie or Cypress Bay High School in Weston
• Accelerators 3 at 100 yards (gradually increase speed to full sprint)
• Run 100 meters – Walk turn – Sprint 100 meters – walk turn
• Complete 4 laps in this manner
• Finish with 5 X 50 meter sprints with 60 seconds rest between each.

Bonus: Hit 3 sets of stadium stairs

Cool down and Stretch and Be Grateful for the opportunity to LIVE GREATLY!!!


Billy Beck III

Marc Brandes - Super Man Challenge Co-Champion & BB3 client

Marc Brandes - Super Man Challenge Co-Champion & BB3 client

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