Weston Crossfit? What’s the deal?

I keep getting e-mails from Weston, Sunrise, Davie and even the U.K. asking

“Do you do crossfit? What do you think of it?”

So here it is….one place to answer all of the questions.

I have experienced the Crossfit workouts. I have worked with others who have taken the classes. So I have examined it inside and out.

Here at the BB3 Personal Training and Performance Center in Weston, we perform the same movements and various protocols similar to the Crossfit workouts.

Personally, I like Crossfit. I love the group atmosphere, the physical challenge of it and the intensity. In a world of ineffective solutions and candy ass group classes like Zumba and Hip Hop Abs, Crossfit rates at the top of my list. However, it is not the best option for a lot of people. The movements are complex and require great deal of coordination to execute them effectively. Therefore, I do not recommend it to everyone. It is not a class for the beginner or someone who is coming off of an injury.

How To Get Results

When working towards achieving a physical goal there is one universal truth that must be taken into consideration. There is NO ONE PROGRAM or DIET THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE.

If you go to the Doctor, the doctor does not give everyone the same prescription. No…first he asks a series of questions and runs some diagnostic test to ASSESS what you need to achieve the goal (to feel better). The same goes for burning fat, building muscle and improving sports performance.

You need a scientific approach…

Here is how we have been able to deliver RESULTS at an unprecedented level.

The 5 Step BB3 Training System

1. Assess & Collect Data via advanced assessment techniques to determine what works best for your individual bio-chemistry. We use a variety of methods including health history questionnaire, Biosignature Hormonal Imbalances, Zinc Status, Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Testing. All of which are non-invasive techniques that pinpoint your unique needs and speed fat loss and muscle gain two to three times the normal rate.

Bottom Line:
There is no one training program or diet that works for everyone.
If youÂ’re not assessing then your guessing.

2. Create the Plan:
The data from the assessment is then used to create a personalized resistance training, cardiovascular, nutrition and supplement protocol.

3. Educate and Empower!
Your BB3 Personal Training Professional educates and empowers you on how to incorporate the plan into your daily life. You can expect to know more than 90% of personal trainers in as little as four months!

Knowledge is Power!

4. Next you attack your plan to the best of your ability with your BB3 Personal Training Professional coaching you along the way.

5. Every 4 weeks, we measure your results and then modify the plan to prevent plateaus and create ongoing physical change!

This is the system for achieving your own ultimate body. You can see some of the hundreds before and after success stories at www.BB3TrainingCenter.com

Crossfit, Kettlebells, Tire Flipping, Power Cleans, Boxing, Treadmills, Aerobics Classes, Dumbbells, Barbells…these are all tools and the amounts, frequency and type vary dependent on the individual goal and biochemical needs.

Get Assessed, Seek Expert Advice and Attack the Plan with Consistency!

Live Greatly,
Billy Beck III

2-time World’s Best Personal Trainer Contest Champion

BB3 Personal Training & Performance, 705 Shotgun Rd. Weston, FL 33326 (954-424-8584)

BB3 Personal Training & Performance, 705 Shotgun Rd. Weston, FL 33326 (954-424-8584)

3 comments to Weston Crossfit? What’s the deal?

  • Having personally taken the Crossfit certification course, I can tell you from first hand experience that the Crossfit program is no more dangerous than any other program athletes or clients may be on. We spent 9 hours the first day of the course using only a PVC pipe as resistance. This goes to show how much mechanics and proper form are emphasized when attempting compound movements in Crossfit workouts. Just like in any program, when instructed with poor coaching and lack of biomechanics, will always lead to poor results and injury. I criticized Crossfit myself before experiencing it first hand to find out that I was completely wrong in my views. I strongly believe that Crossfit has a place in EVERYBODY’S program at some point, and challenge EVERYONE to experience Crossfit personally before passing judgement!

  • Alan Johnson

    There is CrossFit, which is constantly varied, functional exercise done at high intensity and then there is the reputation of CrossFit which is that of a renegade, elitist cult. The latter actually comes from people’s reviews of CrossFit and not the actual community. I have had the privilege of being in the presence of the who’s who of CrossFit and CrossFit headquarters through certifications, seminars and competitions. I even got a chance to hear Coach Glassman speak at my Level 1 Certification in Brooklyn. It was a real treat! I have yet to see why there is so much negative criticism about the quality of the coaches or the attitude of CrossFit athletes. Most, if not all CrossFit gyms require that you go through a “Foundations” program which teaches fundamental movements. The first thing that you will notice is that you learn these movements with only your bodyweight or a PVC pipe. You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish with a PVC pipe or a broomstick. When it comes to exercise, “one size fits all” is actually the best approach. As Mark Rippetoe says in his book, Starting Strength, “Physical strength is the most important thing in life. This is true whether we want it to be or not.” Everyone benefits from getting strong. It shouldn’t be seen as a goal, but instead, as a requirement. You will understand this when you are having difficulty getting out of the tub, off the toilet or needing assistance while getting dressed. While strength is the most important, it’s only a piece of the fitness pie. CrossFit’s programming addresses all 10 Physical Skills. Get good at everything instead of great at one thing. Who couldn’t benefit from having strength, stamina, power, cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility, balance, accuracy, speed, coordination and agility? Another question is, why wouldn’t you want to be good at all 10 Physical Skills? It would only improve the quality of your life.

    • admin

      Great posts Alan and B-Francis! Keep ’em coming. Check out http://www.livegreatly.com for more great info.
      P.S. – We will be teaching Crossfit programs here at BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center (Weston, Florida) very soon. When it comes to burning fat, losing weight, building muscle and challenging the body and the mind, Crossfit is a great tool. It’s fun too! If you’re into that sort of fun..lol!