Billy Beck III – Nutrition Cycling or Carb Shifting Diet

Weston South Florida Personal Trainer Billy Beck III, owner of BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center and two-time World’s Best Personal Trainer contest champion, shares with you his highly effective approach (the anti diet)  to burning fat, losing weight, building muscle, increasing energy, detoxing the body and increasing sports performance through the right nutrition.

Before you go to a Weston diet center, sign up at a Weston gym, take a Weston crossfit class, Weston bootcamp or hire Weston personal trainers you must have the right nutrition plan to go with it.  Check out this video to get on the right track!

There are a lot of gimmicks out in the fitness, weight loss and diet industry so be sure to educate yourself with the best information.

Some sites I recommend are:

Super Trainer Bryan Francis’s StupidGymShit site! It’s funny and informative.

Super Trainer Michelle Valladares Diaz’s site and blog too.

and also and his peak performance coaching site called Live Greatly

Stay Focused!

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