What others think of Billy Beck III Personal Training & Fitness Center in Weston, Florida

In the opening scenes of the movie A League of Their Own, the crotchety talent scout,
skillfully played by Jon Lovitz, solicits a baseball prodigy, played by Geena Davis, if she
wants to play pro ball? When she refuses, lil’sis pipes up, “hey, I’ll go.” To wit, Lovitz turns
to the sister: “listen, I know the goods when I see the goods, and she’s the goods.”

Truer words have never been spoken of Billy Beck III. He’s the real goods.

He may have forgotten more than most of us will ever know about health-and-fitness.

Beyond an encyclopedic knowledge is a steadfast mantra that we can’t improve…what we don’t
measure. Thus, “Results Driven” is at the core of his philosophy. He measures everything.

By example, one of my very good friends trained for a number of years with someone
whom he knew to be a good trainer. After a weekend of debauchery, my friend’s weight
shot up and his trainer punished him mercilessly. Inquiring of the weight gain, he couldn’t
tell me any details.

Nor could his trainer. Of course, being the good friend I am, I strutted
around and proudly offered that at age 49, over the past two weeks on Billy’s protocol, I
took off exactly 3.6lbs of fat, added exactly 4.2lbs of muscle, with exactly 2.3% reduction in
overall body fat. How many facilities offer this to their clients?
This is the quantitative and continuous feedback you get at the Billy Beck Performance
Center. Its a state of the art lab, where clients showcase their massive improvements to
body composition. Not only does my friend now train at Billy’s, he’s mad at me why I
didn’t push him earlier to make the move.

But Beck’s greatest gift is to my extended family. Due in large part to Billy’s actionable information, we have all changed the way we eat, the supplements we take, and the way wetrain. Health-and-fitness is now an integral part of daily life.
Listen, everyone wants to make a positive impact on this world. But could anyone make
more of an impact than to improve the life of a child? I suggest there’s no better legacy
than giving children the gift of health. My teenage boys owe him, big.
Beck has earned everything he’s ever achieved. And, it’s a rare individual about whom we
can say…that simply everyone respects him. If I sound like his greatest fan, that’s because
I am. Join the club.
Anil Sethi

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