How to get your Phd in your car in only 1-2 years. Billy Beck III tells you how

The fact is what you put into your brain is in direct proportion to what comes out. The results you get in life are directly related to what you are learning. Take the 30 day challenge. While driving in your car listen to audio programs that are inspiring and informative. You will be happy you did. […]

When I weight train, does pain equal gain?

What should I eat to loose weight?

How do I get rid of my belly fat?

Do I have to workout abs everday?

Gregg Avedon shows us some bicep workouts

Almonds – Good or Evil?

Almonds – What’s the deal? Are they Good for you or will they sabotage fat burning? There are two BIG mistakes people make that make you fat! […]

Anatomy of a Rep: MAXIMIZING Results!

Look around the gym and what do most people do they drop the weight and then bounce it half way up. WTF? […]

The Numero Uno Workout Mistake and What to Do ’bout it!

The Numero Uno Mistake made when it comes to working out! Most of us are guilty of it occasionally. What other mistakes have you seen in the gym? I know I might regret asking that one 🙂 lol! oh well, Bring it! […]

BEACH Workout NBC MIAMI Fitness Expert Billy Beck III

On Location in Sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Joe Carter hosts another edition of Get Moving Mondays with World’s Best Personal Trainer Billy Beck III. This is a full body beach workout demonstrated by 2-time Women’s Tri-Fitness World Champion Sylvia Ferrero. Check out the World’s Best Gym at located in Weston, Florida. […]