BB3 Weston Florida Personal Training Success

Billy Beck III Personal Training & Performance Center located in Weston, South Florida is unlike any other gym or personal training studio on the planet. Watch the video of BB3 Founder and 2-time MET-Rx World’s Best Personal Trainer Billy Beck III as he tells you what this place is all […]

EAT TO BE FIT: The Healthy Cooking Program

Eat to be fit with Michelle Marie Diaz.

Come join Michelle at the top personal training facility in the country for 4 consecutive Wednesdays at 12:00. We are located in Weston, Florida and house the top personal trainers world. Michelle is a Master celebrity trainer and author of “Eat to […]

Get Moving Mondays! Episode 2, All about Abs!

Weston, FL – Don’t miss NBC Miami’s New Monday Morning Segment – GET MOVING MONDAYS! – With Joe Carter and 2 time World’s Best Personal Trainer Billy Beck III. If you don’t have a gym or don’t dig the health club scene then here is the place to learn quick effective, low cost workout programs from the trainer who has been named the Best in the World (twice)! If you are ready to take it to the next level of fat burning workouts, nutrition and supplementation then go to […]

What others think of Billy Beck III Personal Training & Fitness Center in Weston, Florida

In the opening scenes of the movie A League of Their Own, the crotchety talent scout, skillfully played by Jon Lovitz, solicits a baseball prodigy, played by Geena Davis, if she wants to play pro ball? When she refuses, lil’sis pipes up, “hey, I’ll go.” To wit, Lovitz turns to the sister: “listen, I know […]

Men’s Health Cover Model and Author, Gregg Avedon…and Oh Yeah…a Master Trainer at Billy Beck III Personal Training Center!

If you are familiar with us, you know that we focus on one thing only…RESULTS.

We achieve this by utilizing a number strategies but the foundation is powerfully simple. We educate and empower each client to become their own best personal trainer. One of the tools we have found effective is Gregg’s book, Muscle Chow. […]

SPRINT WORKOUTS that Burn Fat Fast – Ditch the Gym

Everyone wants to burn fat yet I look at people in health clubs and see people bored out of their minds or gossiping to their neighbor or reading a magazine while they are working out?!?!?!

This is not working out.


If you can read a magazine while you’re working out then […]